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Sixty-ninth say



I feel the air blowing through my room. I don’t feel good.
The air is humid and stuffy. Like my head is water-resistant and air holding.
Nothing can go inside , nothing goes out.

My brain, my conscience they’re driving me crazy.
I feel like they’re drowning in my thoughts.
There are so many decisions.
I have to discuss with my left shoulder angel,
And my right shoulder devil.

Why live life the good way?
Why live it badly.

Choose what makes you happier. But if you’re the only one smiling.
Shining like you’re enjoying your own laughter.

One day you’ll find out that you can only see your smile,
When you look into a mirror.
And when there is nobody to care for you.

There is no one holding the mirror in front of your face.
And the mirror gets heavier every second you’re holding it.
Your shine get’s dimmed, and suddenly there’s no light in the darkness.

– Anne’s says


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Sixty-eight say


Friendship is a gift
Love is a battle
Let me be the wrapping of your war.

Friendship comes and goes
Love is deep in the heart
Let it slide to romance once,
and friendship twice

Never forget,
what we had
and what we have.

Every minute spent with you,
every moment we came through.

Your soul hardly read
So many sides unled

I picked up my feet,
too tired to read,
the subtitles which imprison your life

Please do them away,
and give us a shot.

Cause our love is strong enough to survive

– Anne’s says


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Reblog: Another Morning

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Reblog: A love deleted

kite flying for manic depression

I am the spam
straight to your inbox,
the unanswered
text and call;
I have no name
in your address book;

I am the one who hurt you;
the one who pushed;
the one who made you fall;
the one who denied
the love had died;
the one who deserved it all.

© Copyright D.Archer October 2011

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Sixty-seventh say

One sided love

What if you don’t know?
What to say
when you feel, and
you don’t know how
to say why your eyes
get wet and your
tummy hurts while
thoughts are left empty

What if you never experienced?
the way you feel
when you get turned down
you don’t know why
it happens again, and
you shut the door
every time a bit closer

Anne’s says


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