Sixty-seventh say

One sided love

What if you don’t know?
What to say
when you feel, and
you don’t know how
to say why your eyes
get wet and your
tummy hurts while
thoughts are left empty

What if you never experienced?
the way you feel
when you get turned down
you don’t know why
it happens again, and
you shut the door
every time a bit closer

Anne’s says


Filed under Lines, Poems, Selfwritten

2 responses to “Sixty-seventh say

  1. I like your pic!<3
    Mooie tekstjes An, en bedankt voor al je reacties op mijn blog:)

  2. “you shut the door”
    such a classic but effective metaphor. Really gets the job done in portraying the feelings of shutting off emotionally to avoid facing something unpleasant. I think of it a lot in terms of love (especially the unrequited love). It’s a very good poem.

    Also – nice picture 🙂

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