Sixty-eight say


Friendship is a gift
Love is a battle
Let me be the wrapping of your war.

Friendship comes and goes
Love is deep in the heart
Let it slide to romance once,
and friendship twice

Never forget,
what we had
and what we have.

Every minute spent with you,
every moment we came through.

Your soul hardly read
So many sides unled

I picked up my feet,
too tired to read,
the subtitles which imprison your life

Please do them away,
and give us a shot.

Cause our love is strong enough to survive

– Anne’s says


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6 responses to “Sixty-eight say

  1. See, that was a nice and poem! Even though it is, in a sense, happy the feeling of desperation in maintaining the said friendship makes the poem almost tragic.
    Love the line “Let me be the wrapping of your war” and the metaphor of yourself as something to shield your friend from conflict.
    The distinction between love and friendship is certainly blurred here (“Let it slide to romance once”). It’s almost like a poem written for a lover (which I like!).

    I’m glad you guys made up after the fight 🙂 Are you still friends? When did you write it?

    • Hi, thanks! Your comments sound really intelligent haha.
      It’s actually kind of tragic anyway, because it wasn’t just a fight like you see every day, it lasted for half a year and really hurt me. And unfortunately this poem didn’t make her see how much I cared, because we never went back to being the good friends I thought we were.

      Haha the thing you said about the poem sounding like it was written for a lover is funny, ..although it’s not true haha.

      • btw- I wrote this about a year ago .

      • Hahaha, well it wasn’t intelligent really. It was just ramblings 😉
        A half year fight with your best friend? Wow, must really have been something serious. Kind of makes me curious as to what happened. But I won’t ask, don’t worry 🙂
        That is tragic. Losing friends is such a horrible thing. Especially when you tried to show how much you care.

        A year ago? Then it’s quite recent. I haven’t lost a friend like that since I was very young. I’ve lost girlfriends, of course (and not in a pretty way), but that’s not the same thing.

        I really hope you become good friends again even though it might not seem like it now 🙂

  2. Thanks for your kind words :), but once there’s no trust anymore it’s almost impossible to rebuild a bond which is really intense. She had real big trust issues, and because of her I started having trust issues with people a well, especially with her, and new friends. But it has made me loose even more.
    Omygod I sound like a terrible person losing friends like it’s nothing. No I hate myself for it but I don’t know what I did wrong, so I write poetry and pretend to have my feelings on a sheet , but ‘between you and me> My poems never fully express how I feel ;).

    • Yes, you are right. A broken bond can never be the same, though I wish it could.
      No, you don’t sound like a terrible person 🙂 I know what it feels like closing oneself emotionally and not opening up, not even to your friends. It gets very lonely. But I have to say you are doing a good job opening up to me. At least I think so 🙂 Haven’t talked to you that much after all.
      Yes, poetry can never convey what we truly feel. They are just words after all and our feelings never translate accurately. Not even with tears. Not even with actions. It’s like we can never truly share our experiences and feelings to anyone. And yet I keep reading your poetry, trying to understand you. And now I’m just rambling again haha. Sorry :p

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