70th say

The book with no ending

She had a title,
but not a blurb
He had a spot on my bookshelf
somewhere between many others

Every word came with a feeling
but no feeling went deeper than his spine
in one hand I felt the structure of the front
looking at the last page


Anne’s  says


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5 responses to “70th say

  1. I read it like 50 times without properly being able to grasp its true meaning, which I love, because it means I get to do my own interpretation haha (but it’s probably a bit silly).

    so here goes:
    In the first half of the first stanza the narrator speaks of a woman who has a label (for someone) in the metaphor of a book. Then the perspective shifts and the woman becomes the narrator, saying “he had a spot on my bookshelf.” It is the “he” which makes me think of the book as a metaphor for a boy or man. By placing the book in her “bookshelf” she realises she wants that person in her life.
    Then, in the second stanza, I get a bit confused (which probably means my reading is really off). It seems that the woman tries to get to know the boy, to kindle a relationship, but nothing comes to the pages meaning the words don’t really reach.
    This is further implied by the fact that the narrator is only feeling “the structure of the front.” She has yet to get him to open up and share the story within. Something lies between them, like an invisible wall, preventing them for further developing the relationship.
    She can however see the ending – the “blank page.” This could either mean that the two of them are not destined together and nothing will ever come out of it – or – it means that they do have a future which is unwritten and it becomes what they make it to.

    but this is probably all wrong.. … … silly me. Anyway, I like it! It is (to be honest) the kind of poetry I like to write. It is kept so simplistic and mysterious that its hard to guess at its true meaning (unless the meaning is quite literal, of course, but that’s quite boring). and now I’ll stop rambling haha

  2. Now please tell me what it really is about haha 😀

    • haha funny how you interpreted my poem xD, but as you guessed already it is not quite what I meant with it, i like your explanation tough ;D.

      Alright so you got the methaphor right about a person being compared to a book, but here is the rest of the explanation.

      The book with no ending –> it means a person is like a book without an ending, you only have a start of a story(birth) and even when someone dies the story is not over. You can never completely write down the whole life story about someone because you can not write down feelings properly, in the way the reader understands how someone really experienced them. Human life is so complex and you can never stop – you can not write a book about it (that’s were we start of the poem –>)

      She had a title, (the title, is the superficial part of a person, her/his name, looks, etc.)

      but not a blurb (with no blurb, you know a blurb is the ‘short summary’ of a book on the back of the book, I mean people don’t have a short summary to describe who they are,)

      He had a spot on my bookshelf (I used HE, and in the first sentenced I used SHE, this is probably confusing but it’s to point out that this poem is about people in general and not one specific person, so it can be she/he)

      somewhere between many others (this means , that you know tons of people, and that’s just like you have a lot of books on a shelve, you’ve probably bought them to read them, you like some, some you don’t , some you read once, others you read twice. blablabla. This is is not ‘in general’ because of course this poem is inspired by one person, and here i’m saying ‘she’s just one person I know, just like many others’)

      Every word came with a feeling (this just says that every conversation/experience with a specific person you had a certain feeling during that experience).

      but no feeling went deeper then his spine (this is not in general, this is about someone who didn’t really ‘get to you’ someone who you like but you don’t have a good bond with him/her –> the spine of a book , this way i was trying to compare the ‘meaningless of a spine’ with a meaningless relationship

      in one hand I felt the structure of the front (this is one of the first things you experience when you go read a book, you look at the front, and you feel the book, after this you read the beginning of the book).

      looking at the last page ( the ‘ending’)

      BLANK PAGE — this is my ‘conclusion’ there is no ending.

      Haha. questions :D?
      btw – my explanation sounds like rambling as well haha. I hope you get it 😀

      • btw i feel flattered you tried so hard to understand my poem :$

      • So I only had one thing right (the metaphor). I’m lucky none of my University tutors saw my bad attempt at analysing your poem or they would have revoked my degree. At least you liked my interpretation ;D
        No, I understand it perfectly now 🙂 Good job! Did you say you removed a lot from this poem? What did it look like before?
        Feels like I should have more to say but you explained it all very well 🙂 The fact that you can never capture a whole person and his/her life on page really says a lot and it shows very well !

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