Seventy-fourth say

Stuck in another world (a black and white world)

Bad memories don’t happen in the past
they happen now
and yesterday
Thought I closed them down
shred them  into pieces

they opened
the key unlocked
as the sea of destroyed history
found her way back around

got ready
to destroy again

All pages are black
All letters are black

I live in a black and white world
but I can’t see.

– Anne’s says


Filed under Poems, Selfwritten

3 responses to “Seventy-fourth say

  1. Love the eerie imagery you used here! And it’s true.. bad memories replay all the time and seem to happen over and over again – all the time…
    The picture is lovely as well 😀 really suits the poem! I’m glad to have you back 😉 especially with dark themes stuffed like this!

    • Thanks!!! Just noticed your comment, how strange I guess internet is not working in my favor. I’ve been having problems with receiving messages lately, very annoying.
      Btw, you might get surprised by a sentiment love poem in the near future, but can’t promise of course 😉

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