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Disaster skies

Pinch your eyes
to blur the sight
of the disaster skies
full of falling kites

Step out of bed
Walk into a fight
Run from the dream
cause they’re all white

… to cover up the
disaster skies
full of broken hearts
Those who once were
young happy and healthy
among the crappy and wealthy

Step out, step in
Close the door behind your mistake
Thundercloud hiding sin
to float above your conscience

Dare to live
but risk to loose
Dare to give

but risk the mice
nibbling your heart out
under the disaster skies
Full of lost souls searching for closure
Full of filled hearts
out of composure
Closure of what once was
Dark hidden far away in your head

Now it’s falling
from the top of the ladder
down is your imagination
That’s the first thing which dies
from the disaster skies
filled with hidden pressure
full of filthy flies

but know, every chaos
will be repaired
and no war, shall be declared

Every eye
Every heart
Every cry
Every start

All the looks
All the beats
All the tears
In the streets

–¬†Anne’s says

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