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Eighty-seventh say


She hides behind her
canvas of happiness
To mask the cold
truth of reality

Sometimes it cracks
like a vase
All those cracks
ruin her grace

The perfect picture
you thought she was
turned out to be unreal because
finding out she is a broken doll
would make you realize
she’ll never have it all

All she has,
is a painted smile
I dare your kiss
to hold for a while

-and tear it all away

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Eighty-sixth say

I care so much
but dare too little

My need to control
leaves me stuck
I should let go
and depend on luck

The weight called failure
cuts like a blade- of disappointment
The bold sign of forgiveness
leaves me cold like mercy.

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Eighty-fifth say


I lost something
in the attempt
Something got lost
inside of me.

A gloomy me was born
The hole made room for

Useless fear
took over me
Provoking grief
fought its way through

It took me long
to see, –
a broken strainer is my soul.
the fix is not for free.

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Eighty-fourth say

Bleak and Sour

As I turn on the faucet of grief,
I learn we’re out of salty water.
Merely dirt comes
out of the open tap.
Anger, aggravation and jealousy.
A bad replacement of the
miserable silence of my grief.


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April 18, 2013 · 9:35 pm

Eighty-third say


Defining the unknown
Being discovered,
but remaining

Figuring out
for the sake of discovery

-and not for solution.

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