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Seventy-seventh say

Little pink box

I used to look in the mirror
and feel so strong
now I get down on my knees
where you belong

I can’t stop trying
to figure out
why you floated away
like a thundercloud,

moved by my words and thoughts,
never figured what they’d cost

The hardest thing was
you moved on, and made me stay
but didn’t you really,
just stuff me away?

Push me away, there in your little pink box
hide me in the closet next to your primary colors.

– Anne’s says

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Seventy-sixth say

Lightheaded feeling

My shirt feels clean
my hands feel soft
when you hold them

I wish he visited my dream
entered and left a mark
cause since day is so bright
night gets so dark

Instead he’s a candle scene
lit on fire by a look in my eyes
blown out when sleep calls
to be my saviour in disquise

Anne’s says

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Seventy-fifth say

I smoke  your dreams
I cough ’em out
I drink your love
I dove ’em out

Signs of fogg
rising from the ground
trembled dog
waiting to be found

– Anne’s says

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Seventy-fourth say

Stuck in another world (a black and white world)

Bad memories don’t happen in the past
they happen now
and yesterday
Thought I closed them down
shred them  into pieces

they opened
the key unlocked
as the sea of destroyed history
found her way back around

got ready
to destroy again

All pages are black
All letters are black

I live in a black and white world
but I can’t see.

– Anne’s says


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71th say

My song, my violins

I saw the meaning
I feel no tears

No sadness
not even tears, of joy

It’s about time
to live without hate

Seeing the good and happy
instead of the dumbed and betrayed

Putting my foot down
against the bad
instead of letting it ruin me

My breath,
my limbs
tapping along with the
bass, and violins traveling,
carrying joy through
all there is of me

– Anne’s says


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70th say

The book with no ending

She had a title,
but not a blurb
He had a spot on my bookshelf
somewhere between many others

Every word came with a feeling
but no feeling went deeper than his spine
in one hand I felt the structure of the front
looking at the last page


Anne’s  says


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Sixty-ninth say



I feel the air blowing through my room. I don’t feel good.
The air is humid and stuffy. Like my head is water-resistant and air holding.
Nothing can go inside , nothing goes out.

My brain, my conscience they’re driving me crazy.
I feel like they’re drowning in my thoughts.
There are so many decisions.
I have to discuss with my left shoulder angel,
And my right shoulder devil.

Why live life the good way?
Why live it badly.

Choose what makes you happier. But if you’re the only one smiling.
Shining like you’re enjoying your own laughter.

One day you’ll find out that you can only see your smile,
When you look into a mirror.
And when there is nobody to care for you.

There is no one holding the mirror in front of your face.
And the mirror gets heavier every second you’re holding it.
Your shine get’s dimmed, and suddenly there’s no light in the darkness.

– Anne’s says


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Sixty-eight say


Friendship is a gift
Love is a battle
Let me be the wrapping of your war.

Friendship comes and goes
Love is deep in the heart
Let it slide to romance once,
and friendship twice

Never forget,
what we had
and what we have.

Every minute spent with you,
every moment we came through.

Your soul hardly read
So many sides unled

I picked up my feet,
too tired to read,
the subtitles which imprison your life

Please do them away,
and give us a shot.

Cause our love is strong enough to survive

– Anne’s says


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Sixty-seventh say

One sided love

What if you don’t know?
What to say
when you feel, and
you don’t know how
to say why your eyes
get wet and your
tummy hurts while
thoughts are left empty

What if you never experienced?
the way you feel
when you get turned down
you don’t know why
it happens again, and
you shut the door
every time a bit closer

Anne’s says


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Sixty-fifth say

Things are always complicated
I can never explain what’s wrong
It’s the feeling that makes your head spin
Nothing is ever clear
but sometimes you know exactly what is wrong
and it frightens you as hell.
And often you go on and pretend it’s just complicated
and unexplainable

Anne’s says

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